We’ve collected the best ways to prevent any water damage and keep your caravan damp free.

Air your caravan

It’s important to ventilate small spaces to prevent damp and mould growth. Air your caravan by opening the windows and doors from time to time to prevent condensation.

Check for leaks

The seals on windows and doors wear after time. Check for leaks by showering the caravan with a hose and fix any leaks as soon as possible. If it rains during your holiday, take the opportunity to look for any leaks.



Don’t let the steam out

Steam from the shower can travel to other parts of the caravan creating condensation and increasing the risk of damp. Keep the door shut when showering and after showering, air the caravan and wipe the walls to prevent damp.

Don’t dry clothes inside

Drying your clothes inside the caravan creates condensation. Dry your clothes outside if you can or use the site launderette. If you must dry your clothes inside consider purchasing a dehumidifier.

Purchase a dehumidifier

A dehumidifier can prevent condensation by absorbing moisture in the air. You can buy portable dehumidifiers with moisture removing crystals that don’t require electricity. These are perfect for smaller areas susceptible to damp. If you have a serious damp problem consider purchasing an electric dehumidifier.

Keeping your caravan free of damp is one of the most important aspects of caravan maintenance as serious damp problems can be expensive to fix. For extra protection you may also want to take out insurance that covers water damage. Click here to compare quotes for caravan insurance

How to prevent damp in your caravan

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